Guj extends deadline for land re-survey grievance applications


The Gujarat government on Wednesday announced it will extend the deadline for the land owners to file applications over their issues with the surveys and re-survey, giving them more time to file their applications till December 2022.

This is probably the fourth time the Gujarat government has had to extend the deadline before coming out with the final land survey.

“The Gujarat government has decided to extend the deadline for the grievances if any from the land owners regarding the survey carried out. Now, we will be accepting such grievances and applications till December 2022. The deadline for the re-survey grievances was in 2016, which we have extended,” Gujarat Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi told the media.

“We will not promulgate the records finally until all the complaints are disposed of. We will make sure that not a single one of land holders is meted out injustice and none of the farmers are dissatisfied,” added Trivedi.

The minister said that Gujarat was the only state in the country to have come up with such a detailed survey. “Utilising modern technologies and methods like Differential Global Positioning System and Electronic Total System, we have prepared digital mapping of the land. To bring transparency in the procedure, the farmers and the land holders are apprised about the digitally mapped land and for that, a time of 30 days these records are accessible at the Gram Panchayat offices for all to see before the promulgation,” added Trivedi.

He said there were a total of 95 lakh survey numbers in Gujarat. “Out of that 95 lakh, we have received only 5.28 lakh grievance applications which accounts for just 5 per cent of the total survey numbers. Of that 5.28 lakh, for the 4.13 lakh applications, procedures are on, and many have finished,” added Trivedi.



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