Guj Toyota dealer offers to convert 200 Innovas into ambulances

A Toyota vehicle distributor in Gujarat is ready to convert 200 Innova Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) into ambulance vans at a subsidised cost and provide them to MLAs, MPs and hospitals to use for benefit of rural residents.

The Infinium Toyota will modify the interiors of the MPVs to convert them into ambulances, equipped with oxygen cylinders, stretcher and other devices. By bearing the cost between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh per van, it will be subsidising each of these 200 ambulance vans, whose retail price is Rs 24.5 lakh but will come down to Rs 20.6 lakh, while the rest of the amount may come as a donation either from MLAs, MPs or by individual/citizens who may voluntarily sponsor it, the agency said.

“We found a high need for Covid-19 patients’ transportation in rural areas, after having multiple consultations with doctors from district-level hospitals and experts from the medical fraternity…. By contributing through these Ambulance Vans which are currently vital lifesaving connections for patients with hospitals, we are also putting up our best efforts in this fight against the pandemic,” Infinium Toyota Chairman Ajit Mehta said.

Infinium Toyota has begun approaching MLAs and MPs, and some have shown their willingness to take advantage of this initiative. “There is a need for more ambulances in the rural areas. This initiative from Infinium Toyota would be a great help for the rural population in this fight against Covid-19,” Ahmedabad West MP Kirit Solanki said.