Gujarat BJP chief bats for rights of police jawans

Gujarat BJP chief C.R. Patil on Monday came out in support of the rights of the jawans of police force, but advised them against taking part in any protest.

Patil, having himself served in the police force during the 1980s, said the personnel should have rights for leaves and fixed working hours, a life with dignity and good shelter for families.

He said this while addressing an event ‘Ek Pehel with us’ of the Ahmedabad city police.

He praised the police force and also had a piece of advice for them.

Patil said that he was not at all happy with the police jawans having to work for 14 hours a day and said they too should have eight-hour shifts.

“They work tirelessly and even sacrifice festival celebrations with their families.

“Compared to other departments, the police force is least corrupt and the revenue department is more corrupt. Because of a small section of police force, especially traffic police and their lethargy and inefficient services, the entire police force gets a bad name.

“Senior police officers should spare time to interact with police jawans. They should take interest and resolve their problem. Such activity will boost morale of the police jawans and they will work with determination,” said Patil.

Patil, however, disagreed with police jawans joining any protest or agitation. Expressing his understanding of the police force, he said, “You are joining a force and so you are expected to be highly disciplined. If police jawans start protests and agitation, what difference will remain between the labour union and the force.”

Without naming, Patil referred to the recent police jawans’ pay grade agitation.

The BJP leader compared the two forces, police with army, and said one force protects the nation and other civil society. “But army jawans don’t have to produce accused before the court, whereas police jawans have to. If any accused gets acquitted, the police force is blamed, but people forget that the accused hire a battery of legal consultants to prove their innocence.”




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