Gujarat BJP MP warns party workers against indiscipline

Mansukh Vasava, the BJP MP for Gujarat’s Bharuch constituency, publicly warned party workers to be disciplined, adding that indiscipline will not be tolerated.

His remarks come amidst a section of party workers campaigning and lobbying for the upcoming state Assembly elections.

While addressing a gathering on Sunday evening, he said: “Party workers will neither demand or build pressure for tickets, BJP leaders will decide whom to nominate, which is to be accepted by all and work for the candidate and party’s victory.

“If any one is unhappy, dissatisfied with the party’s decision one is free to leave the BJP. If anyone tries to sabotage the party’s prospects, it will take action against them. This is not the Congress or AAP… Dissident activities will not be tolerated.”

The MP exuded confidence that the BJP will make inroads in Bharatiya Tribal Party fort and will win Dediyapada and Jhagadia constituencies along with Rajpipla, Nandod and other seats in the tribal belt.




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