As the counting of votes through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for local body elections in Tehsil, district and Municipalities in Gujarat gathered momentum on Tuesday, the trending figures indicate that the BJP may better its performance in the 2015 local bodies elections.

Till 1 pm on Tuesday, results of seats of Municipalities indicated 803 seats were going to the BJP, 159 to the Congress, 43 to independents, 1 to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and six to other candidates.

In the results of districts Panchayats, 246 seats have gone to the BJP, 55 to Congress, 7 to independents, whereas one has gone to the AAP.

Out of the Tehsil Panchayats results, 1036 seats of Tehsils have gone with the BJP, 388 to the Congress, one to the AAP and one to the Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP).

The Junagadh Tehsil Panchayat, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has opened it’s account.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday said the BJP may win more than 60 municipality bodies polls in 2021.

There was an average of around 64% polling carried out in the local body elections for municipalities, district and Tehsil Panchayats in Gujarat on Sunday. Voting for 8,473 seats in municipalities, 980 in district panchayats and 4,773 in taluka panchayats took place across 36,008 booths.

According to the State Election Commission (SEC), around 64 per cent voter turnout was recorded in the elections to Gujarat’s 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats which were held in a largely peaceful manner on Sunday.

As per the figures provided by the State Election Commission (SEC), there was 58.82 percent voter turnout across 81 municipalities, 65.80 per cent in 31 district panchayats, and 66.60 per cent in 231 taluka Panchayats.

The average voting percentage across all these local bodies together was around 63.74 per cent.

The state election commission officials said voting for 8,473 seats, comprising 2,720 in 680 wards in 81 municipalities, 980 in 31 district panchayats and 4,773 in 231 taluka panchayats took place across 36,008 booths.

Out of this seats, 237 seats remain unopposed, and no form was filled for two seats in taluka panchayat.

Elections were held on a total 8,235 seats, out of which, the BJP had fielded 8,161 candidates, Congress 7,778, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 2,090, among others, said the SEC.

Besides these, bypolls for two seats in taluka panchayats and 24 seats in municipalities, was also carried out on Sunday, where there was 47.63 per cent voter turnout in municipality by-elections and 68.65 per cent in taluka Panchayats by-elections.