Gujarat man kills brother-in-law in name of ‘honour’

In a case of honour killing in Gujarat’s Chhotaudepur district, a man was shot dead by his wife’s brother as the latter’s family was opposed to their love marriage.

Accused identified as Sachin Rathva was arrested from Kikavda village on Thursday night for murdering his brother-in-law Sunil Rathva in his farm.

Police have also recovered the gun used for the commission of crime.

During primary questioning by Police Inspector A C Parmar, Sachin told police, “His sister Sneha and victim Sunil were in love. A year and half ago, both got married, after which she returned to parental home. Few months later, she went to Sunil’s house and started living with him, which was unacceptable to the family.

“For almost a year, I thought about taking revenge from Sunil for marrying my sister without family’s permission,” Sachin told police.

Eight-month pregnant Sneha told mediapersons that her brother Sachin came to her house and started searching for her husband.

When she saw gun in his hand, she ran towards her farm along with her husband but in vain. Sachin chased Sunil, opened fire at him and thrashed him with gun baton, leading to his death, Sneha said.

The accused fled the scene after villagers gathered at the crime spot.




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