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Gujarat man posing as IAS officer arrested

Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Cell has apprehended an individual accused of impersonating a senior IAS officer on the Truecaller App, officilas said on Tuesday.

The suspect, identified as Sudhakar Pandey, son of Dalsingar Pandey, had assumed a false identity and misused it to seek employment for his relatives in some reputed companies. This act of deception came to light after the Cyber Crime Cell received information regarding the accused’s activities.

Acting swiftly upon the tip-off, the authorities initiated an investigation into the matter and registered a case against Sudhakar Pandey, also known as Avinash Pandey and Sadar Isam.

The accused, a resident of Vadodara, was subsequently apprehended by the law enforcement officials and taken into custody for his involvement in the cybercrime.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that Sudhakar Pandey had devised an elaborate network to secure desirable job positions for himself and his relatives. Utilizing the Truecaller app, he not only falsified his identity as a senior IAS officer but also went as far as researching telephone contacts of prominent companies.

Armed with this information, he contacted these companies and recommended his relatives for employment, all the while assuming false identities. He managed to secure job interviews and successful placements for his relatives through this deceitful scheme.

Investigations have uncovered that the entire plan was orchestrated by Sudhakar Pandey himself. He deliberately listed his identity as a senior IAS officer on Truecaller, allowing him to project an air of authority and credibility while interacting with potential employers, said officials.



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