Gujarat model is of two sellers and two buyers: Baghel


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Saturday said that the people have to take a lead and find a solution to their problems as the state government has failed.

The Chief Minister, who is in Varanasi region as part of the last leg of campaigning for assembly elections in UP, took a dig at the “Gujarat model” of the BJP, saying the model is all about four people who have come from Gujarat — two buyers and two sellers.

“When the governments do not solve the problem, then the people have to come forward to find a solution to their problems,” Baghel said while addressing a public meeting in Robertsganj.

He further added that the BJP government is selling one after another all the assets generated by the previous governments.

Describing the “Congress model”, he said it is aimed at making the common people more powerful, giving employment to the unemployed and extending every scheme to the poor.

Raising a question, Baghel asked, in Chhattisgarh if 2500 quintals of paddy can be bought, cow dung can be bought for Rs 2 per kg, farmers’ loans can be waived, 5 lakh people can be given government jobs, why can’t it happen in Uttar Pradesh. He emphasised that only the Congress party fulfils the promises it makes.



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