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Gujarat police rescue abducted minor girl from UP; 4 held

Gujarat police have managed to rescue a 14-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, just 48 hours after she was kidnapped from Navsari district.

The abduction had a ransom demand of Rs 1 crore. According to officials, authorities wasted no time in apprehending four individuals directly implicated in the crime.

The breakthrough in this operation was attributed mainly to the meticulous technical analysis of the WhatsApp calls and Snapchat correspondence. Collaboration and coordination with police forces in Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh played a pivotal role in the speedy recovery of the kidnapped teenager.

Throughout the ordeal, the girl’s parents maintained communication with the abductors through WhatsApp, even transferring a sum of Rs 12,000 as part of their negotiations. Ultimately, the breakthrough in the case was achieved through the examination of Snapchat and WhatsApp call records, which provided crucial leads in tracking both the girl and her abductors.

The abductors forcefully took the young girl from the Gandevi area of Navsari on November 10. Shortly after, they initiated a series of WhatsApp calls to her parents, demanding the sum, as divulged by Inspector General of Police, Surat, V. Chandrasekhar.

The police captured three of the alleged kidnappers – Samir Pathan, Abhishekh Chaudhary and Pradeep Chaudhary – as they boarded a bus in the vicinity of Lucknow. Another key suspect, Mohit Chaudhary, was also apprehended from a Delhi slum.

Initially, the Navsari police tracked the victim’s movements, learning that she had been transported to Rajasthan via train. They then contacted the Government Railway Police in the neighboring state for assistance.

Subsequently, information surfaced indicating that the girl had been taken to a Delhi slum. Upon arrival at the scene, Mohit Chaudhary was apprehended, and he divulged critical information about the planned transfer of the girl to Lucknow via bus by the remaining suspects.



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