Gujarat: Pupil gets corporal punishment, school assures action after report

A class 8 student was subjected to corporal punishment by his teacher and was hung upside down from second floor balcony. The school management has assured his parents that after inquiry, a report will be submitted to higher-ups and action will be taken against the responsible teacher.

Patan’s M. N. High School Principal Vasant Patel said that the student’s parents Chandrikaben and Prahladbhai Raval had complained on Friday that teacher Mayank Patel inflicted corporal punishment on their son and he was hung for a while upside down from second floor of the school, just because he was making mischief in class.

He has assured the parents that an inquiry will be conducted and a report will be submitted to authorities and action will be taken, if the teacher has acted inhumanly with the student.

The parents told media persons that Mayank Patel punished the student. Their grievances are that if their son was mischievous in the classroom, the teacher could have scolded him or even informed them about indiscipline.

The student has alleged that this is not the first time, Mayank Patel beats all students, even girls, but this time the teacher not only hanged him upside down, but also beat him on his back for some time.




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