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Gujarat teacher kills self citing harassment by usurers

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 27-year-old teacher residing in Odhav (Ahmedabad), hanged himself to death inside his house early on Monday morning.

The suicide came as a result of constant harassment from usurers, even after paying an exorbitant interest of 14 lakh rupees.

Subroto Pal’s elder brother had also attempted suicide by consuming poison just six days ago. The police failed to take any action in response to their complaints.

In his suicide note, Subroto stated that three usurers — Yashpal Singh, Harshil Mishra, and Aman Singh Chauhan –, were tormenting him and his family. Despite seeking police help, their complaint went unaddressed, leaving Subroto in a state of despair.

The tragic incident occurred at around 5 a.m. in the Gokulnagar society of Odhav. Subroto used a cloth to hang himself from a hook in the kitchen ceiling.

The suicide note, penned in Hindi, expressed his hope that his family might find justice after his demise.

According to sources, the Pal family had borrowed 5.50 lakh rupees from the aforementioned usurers. The lenders would frequently harass them, resort to physical violence and even threaten their lives. Last Tuesday, Subroto’s elder brother, Shubhankar, consumed poison but was saved by timely medical intervention. However, when the police finally arrived, their response was lackluster, merely jotting down the details on paper.

On Sunday evening, the police visited the Pal residence but failed to take a formal complaint, exacerbating Subroto’s anguish.

The three moneylenders would often claim that Nicole’s PI was their relative, leading them to believe that the police would turn a blind eye to their misdeeds.

As the investigation progresses, the police are yet to gather sufficient evidence against the usurers.

Odhav Police Inspector J.S. Kandoria stated that without concrete proof, they could not initiate any action. The body has been moved for post-mortem examination.



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