Gul Panag on a big life lesson taught by pandemic

New Delhi, July 16 (IANSlife) “The Family Man” actress Gul Panag says that one big life lesson she has learnt personally in this pandemic is that, “everything that really matters is ultimately all inside the four walls of your house. And everything that is outside is something that you can probably live without. Health is wealth.”

Speaking to IANSlife on her association with HealWell24’s latest healthcare initiative DocsCampus, which works towards building a doctor-patient network, Gul says that one “can’t keep blaming the government for everything”.

“I’m not a doctor and I can only speak from the perspective of a citizen, but like doctors here have said, Covid is new, it’s not something that we’ve seen before and that’s why we’re not going to be able to know exactly what to do. Taking precautions, getting vaccinated is something we need to be doing with all seriousness. This is not polio, we don’t even know how many vaccines we need to ensure protection. Even something like polio took years to be completely eradicated, years to find a vaccines for prevention. Covid is fairly new and we don’t know the virus fully even until now.”

“I ensure that I maintain social distance as much as possible. Wear my mask every time I step out. I’ve got my first dose of vaccination and will get the second one soon hopefully,” she shares.

Giving out a public message on vaccination and masking, she urges: “Please get vaccinated, please wear your masks. You need to be responsible, not just for yourself but the people around you. Yes, we have heard cases of Covid happening even post the second dose of vaccine but the impact of it is far less severe. Therefore it is important for each and everyone to get vaccinated. We have to be wearing masks at all points of time. This is not over and I don’t see it finishing anytime soon. Masks are surely not going anywhere.”

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