Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) Singer Vibha Saraf, who sang “Kab se kab tak” in the 2019 film “Gully Boy”, will celebrate romance in her upcoming single “Chandni”.

“Chandni” will see Vibha’s first collaboration as a lyricist and singer with music composer-producer Raajeev V. Bhalla.

“I enjoyed writing lyrics on this composition of Raajeev’s and, of course, singing. Raajeev’s strong influence of chill pop and jazz genres really brought about a strong contrast and made the song so rich,” said Vibha.

The Kashmir-born singer added that the lyrics of “Chandni” were written keeping youthfulness and enchantment in mind.

“I thought of words that would befit a moonlit night and create an easy romantic feel but with a dash of playfulness,” said Vibha, whose work has also been featured on the soundtrack of “Raazi”.

“Chandni” will release on June 14.




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