Gurmeet Choudhary joins free tele-consultation initiative for Covid-19 patients

Actor Gurmeet Choudhary is collaborating with 19 young doctors across India to launch a free tele-consultation service for Covid patients who are isolated with moderate symptoms at home. The actor shared an Instagram post on Wednesday to announce the news.

The initiative named Covi-Med will aim to ensure such patients don’t need to leave their homes for medical aid. The doctors will be available on call from 10am to 8pm over two numbers on Whatsapp.

“Happy to announce my collab with medical doctors Dr. Rupraj Abhishek, Dr. S.H. Warsi, Suchitra Verma, Dr. Rajshree and team for FREE” tele-consultation service CoviMed for HOME ISOLATED PATIENTS with mild to moderate symptoms. Whatsapp numbers 8178867066, 8178835557. Timing: 10am to 8pm; @covi_med for more information,” Gurmeet wrote in his Instagram post.

He also listed contact details of all 19 doctors in the post.

Gurmeet had recently declared his plan of building 1000-bed hospitals — in Lucknow and Patna — for Covid patients.