Gurugram admin notifies self, govt-paid isolation facilities


Amid a spike in Covid cases, the Gurugram District Magistrate (DM) on Thursday notified self and government-paid isolation facilities that can be used by people with mild and very mild Covid symptoms.

The order lists a total of 17 such establishments – 12 self paid and 5 government paid.

According to the health officials, most of the Covid patients are asymptomatic in Gurugram. To prevent the spread, they have advised such patients to stay under isolation at home.

“For home isolation, the patient needs a separate room and toilet but some of these do not have enough space. For such patients, the district administration has provided isolation facilities at other places, for which the patient will not have to pay any charges.”

The government will bear the cost of their stay there.

Such isolation facilities are named government paid isolation facilities. If a patient wants better facilities than the government facility, then he can take advantage of self-paid facilities.

The self-paid isolation facilities have a provision of 435 rooms in 12 establishment and their rates are fixed from Rs 1,200 to Rs 3,500 daily in addition to the tax, and includes three meals a day.

Similarly, there are 102 rooms in 5 government-paid isolation facilities and each has a fixed rate of Rs 700 to Rs 1,200 with tax daily which will be paid by the government. It also includes 3 meals a day.