Gurugram administration ropes in private firm to manage oxygen supply


The Gurugram administration has roped in Vplak India, the company which manages supply chain of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, to ensure smooth supply of oxygen cylinder in the district.

Gurugram Divisional Commissioner Rajeev Ranjan on Saturday chaired a virtual meeting with Ravinder Yadav of Vplak India and Pradeep Aggarwal, who is an AI expert.

Ranjan said that presently there is no accounting of oxygen cylinders as many people are taking cylinders, majority of which are not returned. There are reports that some people are storing these cylinders.

He said that bar coding of oxygen cylinders may be done so that during distribution, mobile and Aadhaar numbers of the person receiving the cylinder can be noted.

“If any cylinder does not come for refilling in 48 hours, then the details of receiver person would be sent to the call centre, from where a call will be made to him or her.

If he or she still requires oxygen then it would be filled up, otherwise that person would be asked to return the cylinder, so that it can be given to another needy patient,” Ranjan said, adding that the company officials had asked to devise a mechanism for proper utilisation of available resources.

He further said that the district administration would be requiring more number of doctors and paramedical staff for additional facilities and for replacement of doctors who have themselves become covid positive.

“The district administration is looking for specialists in medicine, chest specialist, pulmonology , anaesthesia and other MBBS doctors who are willing to provide their services for Covid patients. Besides, retired paramedical staff is also required.

We have urged persons having above specialities to come forward and get themselves registered with the district administration,” Ranjan added.–IANS