Gurugram caps Covid vaccine rates in private hospitals


The Gurugram health department has announced a price cap for the administration of Covid-19 vaccines in private hospitals.

Civil Surgeon Virender Yadav said that under the National Health Mission and Haryana’s Mission Director, new orders have been issued after deciding the rates of all the three Covid vaccines — Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik V.

“While the maximum price for Covaxin and Covishield has been fixed at Rs 1,410 and Rs 780 per dose respectively, Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine will cost Rs 1,145 per dose in private hospitals,” said Yadav.

He further said that a multi disciplinary committee (MDC) has also been set up for taking up the complaints related to charging more than the prescribed fee.

Yadav has been appointed as the Chairman of the panel, while the other members include representative of the District Deputy Commissioner office and a representative of the Indian Medical Association.

“This committee will hear the complaints related to the overcharging of vaccines and an action will also be initiated against those hospitals,” he added.