Gurugram: Haryana govt directs audit of high-rise housing colonies


Stressing on the structural audit of high-rise housing societies, the Haryana Directorate General of Town and Country Planning (DGTCP), has directed the District Town and Country Planning (DTCP), Gurugram, to submit a factual situation about complaints received previously by the DTCP.

The Gurugram DTCP had sent an e-mail to the DGTCP and informed that various complaints have been received regarding structural issues in high-rise societies even in the immediate surrounding at the Chintels Paradiso Society at Gurugram’s Sector-109.

However, the case of a few societies’ issues are being deliberated upon for a long time such as Raheja Atharwa in Sector-109 and Raheja Vedanta in Sector-108.

“So, a structured audit needs to be conducted in the following societies on an urgent basis,” the e-mail said.

“In connection with the matter and in favour of the residents, it has been decided to get the audit of structural stability, quality of construction, which includes the use of the material in required ratio, quality of steel used and quality of other materials used etc. of Raheja Atharva in Sector-109, Raheja Vedanta in Sector 108, Brisk Lumbini Sector-109, M3M Woodshire Sector-107 and Mahindra Aura in Sector-110A housing society from IIT-Roorkee on an urgent basis on the same patterns as being done by IIT-Delhi in Chintels Paradiso, Sector-109, Gurugram, the DGTCP said in a letter.

“The factual situation will be sent by combined teams of field offices in 30 to 45 days which comprises about 60 colonies.

The visit will be done in the presence of residents and the developer. Firstly a team from IIT-Roorkee will conduct a structural audit of the surrounding housing society at the Chintels Paradiso, Sector-109, Gurugram,” R.S. Bhath, Gurugram District Town Planner, told IANS.

“M3M India is a highly credible organisation with high ethical standards, values and corporate governance, and associates with the best of partners for our projects. The safety of all our residents has always been our utmost priority. We have been engaging with all our residents, including those of M3M Woodshire regularly. Keeping in view the structural audit requirement by the residents of Woodshire, the company has engaged with M/s Bureau Veritas, an independent NABL accredited French company, which has specialisation in the structural audit, health monitoring and testing, inspection and certification.”

“M/s Bureau Veritas will conduct various tests on basement structure, highlighting areas requiring repair and also proposing a methodology for repair which will be duly certified by structural design experts. Based on the report, M3M India will take necessary steps to the satisfaction of our residents,” said M3M India Spokesperson.



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