Gurugram: Hry govt earns Rs 568 cr from auction of 160 liquor shops

The Haryana government has earned Rs 568 crore from the auction of 160 liquor vends in 40 zones in the east area, via e-tenders in Gurugram. Each zone has four liquor vends.

The department collected more than 31 per cent revenue from the target of Rs 432 crore. Last year the department collected revenue of Rs 387 crore from this zone.

According to the new excise policy, online tenders were opened on Tuesday for 160 shops in a total of 40 zones in the east area which is an upscale locality of the city.

Officials said earlier, that there were a total of 69 zones in the east zone, which have now been reduced to 40. Liquor traders can now open four liquor shops in one zone.

The government has collected revenue of more than Rs 1,000 crore from both the west and east zone. The government had set a target of raising revenue of Rs 900 crore from Gurugram, an official said.

There are around 300 pub bars in Gurugram, and the city’s excise department is divided into two zones — East and West. In the West zone, wine shop tenders were opened four days ago, in which the wine shop located in Ambience Mall was sold highest for Rs 44 crore.

The official said that the most expensive liquor shop in the east zone was sold in Sector-40, which was bought by the liquor trader for Rs 35 crore, while the government had kept the rate of Rs 28 crore 51 lakh.

“Tenders were opened for wine shops under the online tender process on behalf of the headquarters, the department has collected revenue of Rs 568 crore from 160 shops in 40 zones,” said V.K. Bainiwal, Commissioner, Excise Department, Gurugram.




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