Gurugram industrialists challenge Haryana govt’s job quota law in HC

As the Gurugram Industrial Association challenged the Haryana government’s law providing 75 per cent reservation in private sector jobs for local people in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, several industrialists from the district have supported the decision taken by the industrial association.

The local industrialists said the reservation law passed by the Haryana government will not only impact the industry but will also create a huge impact on the industrial and real estate sector as well.

Industrialists fear that such a law may trigger a Maruti plant-like incident which occurred a few years ago in Gurugram. They also alleged that this law is not in the interest of industries.

“We welcome the move taken by an industrial association here in Gurugram. We were also concerned about the reservation law and were planning to put forth our problems before the government. This law has now been challenged before the high court, we will also support the decision,” Jagatpal Singh, General Secretary, Sector-37 Industrial Association, told IANS.

The industrialists said reservation should be based on merit. This law will force industries to migrate from Haryana to the adjoining states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

“With this law, the industries will have to face many problems, it will become very difficult to run an industrial unit in Haryana and if the government does not repeal this law, then we will be forced to shift our units to other states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh etc. Reservation should be based on merit and not based on locality. Private sector jobs are completely based on merit and skill,” said an industrialist Lokender Tomer.

The industrialists asserted that the law will not only force them to shift industrial units but will force outsiders to leave the state which will impact the real estate sector.

“Due to this law, there is a possibility of increasing ruckus and quarrels in the industrial units. The incident which happened in Maruti’s plant years ago can happen in other industrial units as well. The government should repeal this law, otherwise the industries will be forced to migrate from here,” Singh said.

The Haryana government’s law mandating 75 per cent job reservation for locals will come into effect from January 15, 2022. The law will provide reservation for local candidates in the private sector for jobs offering a gross monthly salary of up to Rs 30,000.

The law mainly covers private companies, societies, trusts and partnership firms in the state. As per the law, all shops, showrooms and industries in the state, which employ more than 10 people, have to ensure that 75 per cent of their staff are locals.

“The government did not discuss the matter with the industrialists or industrial associations before passing the law. This law will compel the entrepreneurs to move to other states. The locals are not willing to work as they are not skilled and private sector requires skilled workers. The government should have launched a skill development programme before passing such a law,” said another industrialist Anuj Garg.

The representatives of the industrial associations said that while they stand with the Haryana government but they can’t risk their businesses as they need skilled workers for their production units.

They said at present, 80 per cent of the employees are from other states as the locals are not capable to work in export, garment or auto industries.



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