Gurugram liquor shops see slight hike in sales amid excise policy row in Delhi

Liquor vends in Gurugram reported 2-3 per cent rise in sales as Delhi faced a “dry day” like situation with all private liquor shops and bars remaining closed on Monday.

Despite the one-month extension announced by the Delhi government, the liquor vends kept shutters down and no alcohol could be served in hotels, clubs and bars as their excise licences expired on July 31.

The shop owners in Gurugram said they registered a minor increase in sales on Monday due to the prevailing situation in adjoining Delhi.

However, they claimed that in the coming days, especially during the weekend, liquor vends in Gurugram may witness a rush of people.

“Following the excise policy row in Delhi, we witnessed 2 to 3 per cent increase in sales because liquor shops were shut in the national capital,” Rakesh, the owner of a wine shop in Gurugram, told IANS.

Another liquor vend owner, Jatinder Singh, said, “We registered a jump of 1-2 per cent in sales. It could be due to what has happened in Delhi.”




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