Gurugram police constable mops Covid vaccination centre floor


A police constable, Vinod Kumar, who is also a frontline Covid warrior posted at a vaccination centre in Fazilpur village, has set an example while performing his duty during the Covid-19 crisis.

Like every day, Kumar reached the vaccination centre in Fazilpur village for duty on Sunday. He noticed that the centre was not clean so without wasting any time he started mopping the floor so that people do not hesitate to get their vaccination jabs.

Kumar’s humanitarian gesture was appreciated by senior police officials and photos of the constable mopping the floor also went viral on social media platforms.

Several people saluted constable Vinod Kumar.

More than 200 police personnel have been deployed at 40 vaccination centres in Gurugram.

According to reports, a total of 300 police personnel have been infected with the virus, of which 100 have recovered and resumed their duties.

A few days ago, Inspector Satender Kumar, the Station House Officer (SHO) of the Sector-14 police station in Gurugram, had distributed face masks and sanitisers to poor labourers and workers while the SHO of the IMT Manesar police station, Inspector Yashwant Yadav, had served food and given face masks and sanitisers to needy labourers who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic and had no money to buy food.