Gurugram police to introduce E-Beat system to prevent crime

To prevent criminal activities in the district, Gurugram police are planning to introduce a new E-Beat system which is expected to be not only simple to implement, but also effective in detecting crime as well as improving the police-public relations, the police said.

Furnishing details about the project, Gurugram Police Commissioner, Kala Ramachandran, said that the idea is to introduce an effective and transparent beat patrolling system with centralised monitoring to enhance accountability and performance.

“The new beat system is expected to help us increase police visibility in public places; monitor criminals and their movement with public cooperation; increase the safety of women in public etc. Additionally, the effort would help improve the response time of the police since the beat police can quickly reach the emergency spots,” she said.

Ramachandran added, “Police personnel work extremely hard, but there is a need to ‘work smart’ by making optimal use of technology. We had started the process of crime-mapping last month to identify the ‘hot spots, i.e., crime-prone areas in the different zones of Gurugram.

“Additionally, geo-mapping will now be done of ATMs, banks, courts, residential areas, schools, bus stands, public areas, important CCTV points, and other priority places under all the police stations. Following this, we shall decide on the beat points and routes of the police beats.”

These beat points would be visited twice every 24 hours by the police riders deputed on the beat.

“Centralised software-based monitoring on a real-time basis will assist in the evaluation of the performance of each beat constable. We have tied up with a Bengaluru-based startup, Rezler Systems Pvt Ltd, to help us set up the smart E-Beat system on a pilot basis in Gurugram East and Pataudi. Based on the results, we shall expand the exercise to the entire district,” she said.




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