Gurugram: Structural audit of high rises to be conducted

Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav said on Saturday that a panel of consultants is being prepared by the district administration to conduct a structural audit of 60 high-rise societies in the district.

According to officials, applications have been invited from various agencies and firms for the inclusion of consultants in the audit panel based on the prescribed conditions and rules.

“The district administration would shortlist the consultants within a week after receiving the application as per the prescribed procedure,” Yadav said.

He said complaints have been received from 60 colonies and group housing societies regarding irregularities in the construction of buildings in Gurugram in the last two years.

He said that a panel of audit consultants is being prepared by the administration for permanent settlement of these complaints and to conduct a structural audit of the complaints received.

“With this structural audit, the people living in high-rise buildings will feel safe about their structure and can live there without fear,” Yadav added.




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