Gurugram to prepare water plan with eye on future


The Gurugram district administration will prepare a water plan keeping in mind the declining groundwater level in the district and the population norms for the year 2041.

For this initiative, Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Yash Garg, has appointed nodal officers in various departments who are involved in the planning process.

All these nodal officers will submit detailed reports of the usage and supply of water and other resources from the entire district to the Gurujal Society by January 31.

Thereafter, after discussing all the reports, a final plan will be prepared and sent to the Haryana Water Resources Authority (HWRA).

“The depleting groundwater level in Gurugram is a matter of concern. In such a situation, keeping in view the increasing pressure of population and the demand for water in the district, necessary steps will have to be taken on some important points to prepare a water plan for the district, considering the population standards for the next 20 years, i.e., till 2041,” Garg said.

“For this, we need to work extensively to recharge the groundwater level by saving rainwater in maximum quantity,” he added.

Garg informed that about 53 per cent of the groundwater in Gurugram is used for agriculture purposes. In such a situation, farmers in the district will have to be made aware and diverted towards micro and drip irrigation.



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