Gurugram’s education dept urges parents to get vaccinated

Gurugram’ education officer Indu Boken has appealed to the parents of the students of both government and private schools in the district to get themselves vaccinated at the earliest and wear protective gears while stepping out in public.

Boken said if the parents are safe then only their children will be safe while staying at home.

“Continuous efforts are being made both by the district administration and the state government to contain the Covid spread. To protect children from the deadly virus, advance summer vacation was declared by the government, which is an important decision by the education department in the interest of the children,” she added.

Boken said that due to the pandemic situation today, students are in their homes but their parents have to go out to earn their livelihood.

“So, it is important that parents get their vaccination done as soon as possible and do not be careless about it. If parents are safe in the home, then only other family members and children will be safe from the deadliest virus,” she said.

The education officer further said that according to the experts there is also a possibility of a third Covid wave which can be a big threat to the children.

“The most important way to avoid this danger is vaccination, by which parents can protect themselves as well as other members of their household from infections,” she added.