Guy Pearce finds technology fascinating, disturbing


Actor Guy Pearce, who plays a former policeman trying to track down the kidnapped daughter of a man who makes AI machines in ‘Zone 414’, has mixed feelings about technological developments and how they are applied in real-life scenarios.

Pearce said: “The whole evolution of technology and where we’re heading and this rapid desire for very smart people out there who invent technology to create versions of ourselves is really kind of fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

“And the idea that will those robots, will those androids, become more human or more human than us, or will they become human at all? You know, that’s fascinating as well.”

The actor shared that making the movie has led him to ask himself some serious questions about the ever-increasing influence of technology, reports

He told Sky News: “Where does humanity really come from? Where does it sit? Is it only injected into us as human beings or is there just as much humanity in a chicken, but just because it doesn’t speak we don’t know and could it therefore be implanted into a robot?

“That whole idea about our identity and psychology in this kind of setting was really fascinating.”

Pearce also shared that he’s not especially good with using technology.

The Hollywood star said: “If Siri accidentally comes on, I’m immediately going, ‘no, off, I don’t need your help, go away’.

“I’m not so much a luddite, but just an oldie I guess – it’s interesting having Monty, my little boy. He’s only five, so he’s not really aware of what’s possible on a screen yet, but certainly you see him being drawn to it.

“And I know there will clearly come a point, probably very quickly, where he’s way ahead of me.”