Gyanvapi case: Notice to VVSS chief over ‘power of attorney’ to Yogi

The Varanasi police have served a notice to Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh (VVSS) chief Jitendra Singh Visen, seeking clarification on his announcement to give power of attorney of five cases related to the Gyanvapi case to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Asking Visen to clarify whether the chief minister’s prior consent had been taken in the matter, police have given him three days to reply or face legal action.

Inspector Chowk Shivakant Mishra issued the notice to Visen, referring to his statement published in newspapers claiming that he would give the power of attorney of all five Gyanvapi related cases being contested in different courts by VVSS or associated people to the chief minister.

“Apart from district magistrate and commissioner of police, the state of UP is already among the defendants in all these cases. The published statement shows that consent of the chief minister had not been taken for it. The confusing and baseless announcement is creating doubts among the masses that how can a chief minister become a party in a case when the state of UP and its local authorities are already nominated as defendants,” the notice said.

The notice has directed Visen to give his clarification in this regard in three days otherwise legal and punitive action would be initiated against him,” said police.

Visen admitted that he had received the notice. “It is a legal notice, which is not surprising, and I will give my reply within the stipulated time,” he said.

He added, “But, I have serious objections over the writing of ‘Gyanvapi Masjid’ by the government officials. This structure is being claimed as a temple by us and the matter is sub-judice. How can any official certify it as a mosque in an official document? I have started formalities to seek permission of the chief minister and other authorities concerned to allow filing a case against Inspector Chowk under section 153a of IPC for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race.”

Visen said, “I will file a case against Chowk police for terming the Gyanvapi structure as mosque in the notice as the matter is sub-judice and no government official can certify it as mosque in the official documents.”

Visen added that he was going to hand over the power of attorney of these cases to Goraksh Peeth’s Mahant Yogi Adityanath and not to a chief minister.

“Earlier, we had decided to complete the papers of power of attorney by November 15, but now this process is being expedited to complete in two-three days,” he added.

Visen’s niece Rakhi Singh is plaintiff-1 in case no. 18/2022 Rakhi Singh vs state of UP and others in which five women plaintiffs have sought worship of Shringar Gauri and other deities in the Gyanvapi mosque compound. This case is in progress in district judge Varanasi court.

Apart from it, four more cases including one in civil judge (senior division) fast-track court seeking banning entry of Muslims in Gyanvapi mosque, handing over Aadi Visheshwar temple to Hindus, are being contested by Visen-led VVSS.

On October 28, Visen had announced handing over the power of attorney — which refers to a legal authorisation that gives a designated person the power to act for someone else — to the chief minister.

A day after it, he also announced to hand over the amount deposited in the bank accounts of VVSS, himself, his wife and son, Rakhi Singh and her husband to the chief minister.




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