Hacker George Hotz resigns from Twitter

American hacker George Hotz, who is known for being the first person to carrier-unlock an iPhone and jailbreaking the PS3, on Wednesday announced that he has resigned from his Twitter internship.

Hotz, also known as ‘geohot’, made the announcement after he ran a poll on Tuesday asking his followers “should I step down as a Twitter intern? I will abide by the results of this poll”, where 63.6 per cent of respondents said that he should not step down.

However, on Wednesday he tweeted: “Resigned from Twitter today.”

“Appreciate the opportunity, but didn’t think there was any real impact I could make there. Besides, it was sad to see my GitHub withering. Back to coding!”

Several users expressed their thoughts on his decision.

While one user commented, “this makes no sense. People voted for you to stay and for Elon to leave”, another asked, “why didn’t you abide by the results of the poll like you said you would?”

On November 16, Hotz had said that he would “put my money where my mouth is. I’m down for a 12 week internship at Twitter for cost of living in San Francisco”.

To this Twitter CEO Elon Musk replied: “Sure, let’s talk.”

Later on November 22, Hotz said: “That’s what Elon told me my job was, and I will try my hardest to do it. I have 12 weeks.”




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