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Hackers target Israeli websites with floods of malicious messages

As Hamas-Israel violence escalates, groups of hacktivists have targeted Israeli websites with floods of malicious traffic.

Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post posted on X that its website was down “due to a series of cyberattacks initiated against us” since Saturday morning when Hamas launched a surprise land, sea and air attack against Israel.

“The Jerusalem Post is currently experiencing downtime due to a series of cyberattacks initiated against us,” the newspaper posted.

“We are actively addressing the situation and will be back soon, continuing to serve as your top source of information on Operation Swords of Iron and the violent attacks by Hamas,” it added.

Rob Joyce, director of cybersecurity at the Israel’s National Security Agency, admitted there has been denial of service (DDoS) attacks and defacements of websites.

“But we’re not yet seeing real (nation) state malicious actors,” Joyce was quoted as saying in reports.

Cyber-security researcher Will Thomas told TechCrunch that he has seen more than 60 websites taken down with DDoS attacks.

Thomas also wrote on X that pro-Palestinian hacktivists have targeted government websites, civil services, news sites, financial institutions and telecommunications and energy companies.

“I have seen several posts of cybercriminal service operators such as DDoS-for-Hire or Initial Access Brokers offering their services to those wanting to target Israel or Palestine,” he said.

The death toll on both sides has increased to nearly 1,600, with tens of thousands of people injured and displaced from their homes as a result of the raging violence.

In its latest update, the Israeli Health Ministry said the number of injured people has climbed to 2,616, including 25 in critical condition.

Militant groups in Gaza have also claimed that about 130 Israeli hostages were held in the Palestinian enclave.



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