Halsey accuses label of delaying song release: “They want to fake a viral moment on TikTok”


Hollywood singer Halsey has made strong allegations against her record label and accused them if withholding the release of her new song. She says they want to “fake a viral moment on TikTok” before releasing the song.

The 27-year-old singer took to her social media to speak about this. As per a report on Entertainment Weekly, in what is now a viral TikTok, posted Sunday morning, the singer has claimed that there is a song that is ready for release “ASAP” but according to the singer, “my record company is saying that I can’t release it unless they can fake a viral moment on TikTok.”

In her post, as she speaks about this, her unreleased song can be heard playing in the background. The singer continues to say, “Everything is marketing, and they are doing this to basically every artist these days.” Noting that they just want to “release music.” As she spoke, Halsey pulls out a few receipts and adds that she has been the in the industry for eight years now and sold more than 165 million records and she adds that she deserved much better. She said, “I’m tired!”

Here is her tweet:

Following her post, a spokesperson from Capitol Music Group sent out a statement that said, “Our belief in Halsey as a singular and important artist is total and unwavering. We can’t wait for the world to hear their brilliant new music.”

Halsey has been with Astralwerks, a subsidiary of Capitol Records since 2014 and when they made a statement, she was quick to respond to it and said, “Astralwerks is the label that signed me, and then they upstreamed me to Capitol. This quote came from the company who believed in me from the jump. Not the company I’m wrestling with right now.”

Here is her post:

While Halsey’s release date remains unclear, she is not the only singer who has alluded to this pressure from record companies. Artists like Florence Welch and Charli XCX have also hinted at being pressured. A while ago, Florence had posted a video and captioned it, “The label are begging me for ‘low fi tik toks’ so here you go. pls send help.” Charli on the other hand made a joke that she was being asked for what she claimed was her eighth TikTok of the week.


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