Harassed by Vi customer care, received threat call: Sanjeev Sanyal

The Principal Economic Adviser to the Finance Ministry, Sanjeev Sanyal, on Tuesday took to Twitter to say that he has been receiving harassing calls from the Vodafone Idea customer care service to pay his dues after porting his number to some other operator, although all dues have already been cleared.

“Two months, shifted from @ViCustomerCare to another provider. Have paid all outstandings but am hounded daily for random new charges. This is harassment & I intent to take this up with @TRAI and Telecom Ministry. Is this common? Is it only with Voda-Idea or a general problem,” he asked in a tweet.

He further said that he received “very rude and almost threatening call” from a particular number during the day to pay Vi or face dire consequences.

“I am obviously not bothered, but I can imagine it would be intimidating for an average citizen,” Sanyal said.

He noted that Vi’s demands are not even consistent.

“Depending on their mood, they ask for Rs 938 to Rs 146. I have messages for both. There is either an obvious breakdown of internal systems, or this is a scam,” he said.

In another tweet, he said that the Vi senior management has informed him that the matter will be resolved.

“However, it is not about my personal problem. Will get to the bottom of this and resolve it for everyone,” he said.