Hardik Mehta defines job of director in collaborative process of filmmaking


Director Hardik Mehta, whose recent web show ‘Decoupled’ has struck a chord with connoisseurs of humour, feels that for a filmmaker to do complete justice to a script, it’s imperative that they don’t let their personal inclinations or politics seep into the design and positioning of a scene.

The director says: “My thought process or politics might not completely align with what Manu (Joseph, the writer and creator of, ‘Decoupled’) would have proposed in a scene. But as a filmmaker, it’s my job, it is my prerogative to ensure that a scene is directed and made in a way that is absolutely convincing.”

For him, keeping the personal inclinations aside and to work together towards a constructive outcome forms the essence of the collaborative process that filmmaking is.

He says: “That is exactly where collaboration comes in. That has actually been a very interesting part of making this series.”



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