Harry Styles reveals losing ‘Elvis’ role to Austin Butler


Singer, actor and heartthrob Harry Styles is all set for his upcoming movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. Meanwhile, he is also basking in the outpouring of love for his recent single ‘As It Was’, which has become a massive viral sensation.

But not many know that the singer, who is now making his way towards being an actor had also auditioned for the role of ‘Elvis’ in the legendary singer’s biopic.

In a recent conversation with Howard Stern on his talk show, Styles revealed that he had actually auditioned for the part in the Baz Luhrmann biopic but he lost out on the role to the current lead Austin Butler.

While on the talk show, Styles also opened up about what a huge fan of Elvis Presley he was. Styles said, “Elvis was probably the first person I knew outside my family when I was a very small child so there was something incredibly sacred about it that felt like I should go for it, but I was very intrigued.”

Style’s sister Gemma also told the Express how big an Elvis fan, Styles was. She said, “He used to do quite a good sort of Elvis warble. He would sing in the bathroom because if it was him singing as himself, he just couldn’t have anyone looking at him!”.

Gemma also revealed a fun trivia about Harry Styles and disclosed that he would use Elvis’ style to practice for his ‘X Factor’ auditions and it was this style which landed him into the very popular (though now disbanded) group One Direction.

Given his style, Harry Styles would certainly have done justice to the Elvis role in the biopic. But those who have seen the trailer will be excited about Austin Butler’s performance as he seems to have gotten into the skin of the character quite well.

Meanwhile, fans of Styles can look forward to seeing him in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’.


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