Haryana CM formally launches National Education Policy 2020

Taking a step to reduce the dropout rate, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Friday formally launched National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 that would be implemented in all schools by 2025.

He said for the successful implementation of the policy, every child would be enrolled in the school with emphasis on his or her overall development right from the initial learning.

In his address at the virtual launch ceremony, Khattar said the NEP will bring revolutionary changes as it aims to make students cultured and self-reliant. At the time of Independence, the education system of Lord Macaulay was focused on the three Rs: writing, reading and arithmetic, which was did not ensure holistic development of a child, he said.

“Today the country needs such an education policy which not only makes the younger generation educated but also inculcates the feeling of nationalism in them. For this purpose, the Central government has launched the NEP-2020,” the Chief Minister said.

He said the way Haryana has made its name in sports in the same way it will be a leader in the field of education too.

Khattar said the infrastructure required for implementing the NEP-2020 has been prepared in the state with an aim to empower the students with knowledge, skills and values by imparting quality education.

“Although the deadline for its implementation is 2030, we will achieve this target five years in advance,” he added.