Haryana issues guidelines for delivery of Amphotericin-B injections

To stop black marketing of Amphotericin-B injections across Haryana, the state government has issued guidelines to distribute the same to the needy patients for the treatment of black fungus (Mucomycosis) infection.

According to the guidelines, all Covid hospitals needing the injection will have to send their demands via an email to the expert committee at PGIMS Rohtak.

Revealing more inputs, the spokesperson for the Gurugram administration said that Amphotericin-B injections will be distributed only through the expert committee. This injection will not be found at the drugstores or the market, he said.

“The dedicated Covid hospitals in Gurugram will have to send their requirements to the expert committee to receive the injections. The application should be in the proforma prescribed by the health department, which requires the signature of the treating physician and the medical superintendent of the institute will counter the same.

“In this proforma, the physician treating the patient will fill the patient’s condition and his lab test reports with appropriate information to justify the use of the injection as per the approved treatment protocol of the government of India and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR),” the spokesperson said.

The guidelines also stated that this injection will be given to the private hospitals at actual cost, while all government institutions will get it for free.

All government and private medical colleges will receive the injections from PGIMS Rohtak through each district’s civil surgeon, the spokesperson added.