London, April 18 (IANS) He might have dismissed Rahul Dravid in Test cricket, but for former England spinner Graeme Swann, Dravid was the best player he had seen. In fact, having played against the former India skipper in county cricket, Swann said that he felt like a rookie in front of The Wall.

“Rahul Dravid was a big one for me. I bowled against him in Kent, and he was unbelievable. I have never seen a better player in my life. He would never get out in a county game, and that’s Rahul Dravid, one of the best in the world, and he made me feel like an 11-year-old spinner,” Swann told a Sky Sport podcast.

“I got him out, admittedly it was a great ball, but it would not have got Rahul Dravid out usually.”

Swann had recently also spoken about his equation with former England skipper Kevin Pietersen and how the two openly disliked each other, but also respected the manner in which the other played.

“We are a team that got to No. 1 in the world, and in a team there are always going to be individuals. Ninety-nine per cent of that side were all in it for the team.

“With Kevin Pietersen, we had a situation where he had been captain before and didn’t much like establishment and rules. We were actually very similar in that way, and we actually got on — me and KP — professionally better than most people because we very honest with but openly disliked each other. But wanted each other in the team,” he said in a podcast.

Commenting on why he wanted KP in the team, Swann said: “I wanted KP in the team because he was scoring a lot of runs and playing really well, and simply he was one of the best batsmen in the world.”




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