Having a doctor’s degree not a certificate of being good politician, says VIP leader

Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP) leader Mukesh Sahani on Saturday targetted BJP Bihar

chief Sanjay Jaiswal, saying that having a doctor’s degree is not a certificate of being a good politician.

Sahani, who had also served as former animal husbandry and fisheries minister, said, “The degree of doctor cannot be a certificate of being a good politician. A good politician is someone who is widely accepted among common people. BJP leaders who are talking about political dignity need to introspect their own.”

“BJP is responsible for ongoing turmoil in Maharashtra. In Bihar, my party VIP contested under the umbrella of NDA and 4 candidates won. One MLA Musafir Paswan died due to illness while three orhers joined the saffron party. Jaiswal is pointing fingers at the Nitish Kumar government but he has to understand that the 2020 assembly election was contested in the name of Nitish Kumar. The BJP is in power only due to Nitish Kumar,” Sahani claimed.




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