Having a spooky at-home Halloween soiree?

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANSlife) Rounding off the festive season this month is Halloween – a night to let your hair down and your alter ego out. To help you pull off the most frighteningly fun Halloween bash of the season, IANSlife compiled a list of the 6 Halloween party essentials you need. Heres what you must keep in mind as you play host and let the night unfold in all its ghostly glory.

Eerie Atmosphere With Halloween-themed Decor: Transform your home into a happily haunted house with easy and effective decorations. Carved pumpkins and candles are a traditional choice, but you can get as creepily creative as you’d like! String cobwebs and stuffed spiders can adorn the corners of each doorway, while painted ping pong balls make for cool eyeball decorations. Throw in a generous amount of suspended paper bats and an ominously steaming cauldron on the side, and you’ve got all the makings for a spectacularly scary party venue.

Terror-ific Party Playlist: Good music is one of the make-or-break factors of any good party. Choose wisely from the wide range of foot-tapping Halloween party playlists and keep it loaded onto your sound system before guests line up. A keen eye on the mood and a deft hand on the remote will make sure that your party is spine-tingling in more ways than one.

A Spooky Feast for Your Guests: Halloween is perhaps the best occasion to experiment with culinary creativity. You can create a wide variety of thematic treats to keep your spooky pals fed and watered the Halloween way. Put out a platter of frosted monster cupcakes or googly-eyed cookies for your guests to munch on, followed by spaghetti in ‘blood’ sauce, and a werewolf-head cake to round off the night. With hundreds of thematic recipes online, the possibilities are as endless as they are eerie!

Delicious Halloween Potions: Halloween offers the opportunity to concoct some wickedly delicious cocktails for your night. Brew up some classic bar-style cocktails with BACARDI MIX’R cocktail mixes available in the classic flavors of Mojito and Long Island Tea. You can also make a spooky brew- the Grave Digger by mixing together 60ML of White Rum, 45ML of Black Coffee, 15ML of Sugar syrup, and 25ML of Fresh Cream. Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain over fresh ice in a glass. Sprinkle OREO cookies on one side of the glass with a skull prop. Pro tip- Blend oreo cookies in a dry blender and store them in a jar. Use as required.

Your Best Midnight Ensemble: No Halloween party is complete without an abundance of eerie attire. Ensure your guests dress their baleful best with a pre-decided theme and a Best-Costume award for the night, voted on by your insidious invitees themselves – giving them that much more to talk about through the course of the night.

Gripping Party Games: Weave even more fun into your night by putting a spooky twist on some classic party games. Start up a round of beer pong with painted eyeballs, host a horror trivia quiz, and throw in a quick game of Werewolf, a festive twist on Mafia that is sure to get your guests to laugh and battle it out together in equal measure.

(N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe can be contacted at lothungbeni.h@ians.in)




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