He came by air from B’desh to Jaipur, committed robberies and flew back

The Rajasthan police have arrested a thief, originally a resident of Bihar, who frequently used to visit Jaipur in a plane from Bangladesh, then made a recce of the city dressed as a poor man, slept on the city streets and returned in a plane after committing a robbery in the city.

The thief has been accused of thefts amounting to crores of rupees.

As per police officials, the accused, identified as Mohammad Rajjak, was a resident of Katihar, but was staying in Bangladesh since the last few years.

He used to travel frequently in a plane to commit robberies at plush locations in Jaipur and then went back by air.

He married thrice by changing his identity and has been staying with a different wife after each theft.

However, none of his wives knew about him being a thief.

Police identified him after scanning CCTV footage in the city. They arrested his accomplice first and got information about him.

Upon coming to know that he has left Jaipur with wife and kids, they contacted the Uttar Pradesh police and he was caught with the help of the railway police.

The accused had planned to escape to Bangladesh from Kolkata via train from Kanpur.

As he had conducted many robberies, the police checked CCTV footage and he was seen roaming on the streets in a ‘vest’ and ‘lungi’ in these areas. Thereafter, the police started tracking him.

When asked, the accused said, “I used to reach Jaipur in a plane, do recce in undergarments and departed from the city by air after my task (theft) was over.”

He was staying in Bangladesh with his second wife and kids in Dinazpur and also had a passport.

“I used to escape to Bangladesh after committing robberies in Jaipur,” he revealed.

He committed over 7 robberies in the Pink City with his accomplice Salim.

The accused knew every lane and bylane of the city and had done a complete recce of the city wearing a ‘vest’ and ‘lungi’.

Police said that the accused was seen outside many locations where thefts had taken place. Also, at times, he was seen sleeping on the footpaths.

Investigations are on to learn if there are other people involved along with him, as police officials say it is difficult for only two of them to conduct thefts at so many places.