Lahore, April 21 (IANS) Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar were two of the fastest bowlers of their generation. Shoaib recently shared a clip from a popular Indian television show in which Lee talks about facing Shoaib in his prime.

Lee admits on the show that he was afraid of everyone while batting, “even the spinners.”

While talking about the experience of facing Shoaib, he said, “So, I’m out batting and I’m sweaty and nervous,” said Lee.

“My nickname is ‘Binga’ and I suddenly hear ‘Binga, Binga’. I look up, and there’s Shoaib, about 75 metres back. He goes ‘I’m going to kill you’,” Lee says pointing a finger to his forehead to mimic Shoaib at the time.

The Pakistani bowler was thus indicating that he was going to aim for Lee’s head but instead the ball went to his toes.

“It’s hit me straight on the foot. I’ve appealed to the umpire – ‘Howzzat! That’s gotta be out, surely?'” Lee says, with the audience in splits. “And you know what happened? That silly Australian umpire said not out.”

Shoaib in his tweet said that Lee himself was quite a terror while bowling. “Binga being very humble there honestly. @BrettLee_58 himself was quite a terror on the field for the batsmen of that era,” he said.




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