Health Ministry’s eSanjeevani registers 1.4 cr consultations

The Union Health Ministry’s initiative eSanjeevani on Monday clocked 1.4 crore consultations. Operating in two variants – eSanjeevani AB-HWC (Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centre) and eSanjeevani OPD, this initiative of ministry has earned immense popularity in delivering healthcare services through digital platforms, the health ministry said in a statement.

Andhra Pradesh tops among the states using eSanjeevni for healthcare services. Top ten states in terms of adoption of eSanjeevani are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

eSanjeevani as a whole is addressing the shortage of doctors and specialists at the ground levels, while also reducing the burden on secondary and tertiary level hospitals. In line with the newly launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission, this digital initiative aims to constantly improve the digital health infrastructure of the country.

The eSanjeevani AB-HWC is a Doctor-to-Doctor teleconsultation system that aims to alleviate the Urban-Rural divide in terms of health services, works on Hub-and-Spoke Model.

eSanjeevani AB-HWC has accounted for 85,02,926 consultations. Along with 1,55,000 Health and Wellness Centres will be onboarded as spokes by December 2022. The Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres set up at State Level act as spokes in eSanjeevni which enables a patient residing in rural areas to avail quality health services.

The eSanjeevani OPD aims to provide safe Doctor-to-Patient consultations. The eSanjeevani OPD platform has effected 55,62,897 consultations. eSanjeevani OPD is available as mobile app for both iOS and android smartphones.