Heat wave affects persons with comorbidities, children more


Several parts of the country including the national capital is reeling under an intense heat wave these days which can lead to heat stroke and other health issues, experts said.

According to health experts, extreme heat events can trigger a variety of heat stress conditions, such as heat stroke, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

“Delhi is through a spell of heat wave right now, and one must understand that it could be lethal also as it could create various kinds of problems,” said Dr Rohan Krishnan of ESI Hospital, told IANS.

Krishnan said that three categories of people are more prone to get affected with this intense heat wave.

“Firstly, young adults and children below the age of 13 can easily get affected by this heat wave because of loss of fluid in the body. Secondly, elderly people of 60 plus population due to the hormonal secretions which has to occur to counteract the extreme heat outside. Thirdly, those people who are having multiple comorbidities or who are under medication or cancer patients. These types of people need to take extra care and attention during this heat wave,” Krishnan told IANS.

He said that extreme heat can lead to the Hyperthermia which is high body temperature without any symptoms of cough and cold or any infection but it can leads to dehydration, loss of appetite, vomitting, nausea and various other kinds of health problems.

Apart from hyperthermia, the doctor said, it also can create dermatitise, heat edema, heat stroke and hypotension.

To avoid such health problems during the heat wave, Dr Krishnan advised to drink a lot of water as sweating is the main reason of water loss in the body.

He advised to avoid drinking cold water after entering indoors from the outside environment as it can also lead to throat infection and resultantly, during the ongoing rising Covid cases, any kind of throat infection and irritation can make a person more prone to Covid infection.

“We have to counter-check the water intake. At least 4-6 litres of water is required daily in summer. When you come from outside during the heat wave, you should not drink lots of cold water because it can lead to throat infection and in this Covid situation any kind of throat infection and irritation can make you more prone Covid infection. The maximum heat prevails between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., so you must avoid going outside during the day time,” he said.



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