Heavier than usual police patrols in school zones

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As schools have been closed so long, many drivers tend to relax their driving style and ignore some of the basic precautions required when driving around school zones. Going into the school year, expect Peel Police as well as police in other jurisdictions to robustly patrol school zones to ensure both pedestrian and driver safety.

Uniform Patrol and School Resource officers, as well as Divisional Traffic Units and Road Safety Services are in school zones and on school bus routes, keeping an eye out for traffic violations.

Police remind the public there are strict penalties for those found to be in violation of the Highway Traffic Act or by-laws. For example, drivers who don’t come to a complete stop when approaching a school bus with its flashing red lights activated will face a minimum fine of $400 and six demerit points for a first offence.

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The fines have also increased for careless driving and failing to yield to pedestrians at cross walks, school crossings or crossovers as of September 1.

More information on road safety tips can be found on Peel Police’s website while up to date information on the rules of the road is available on the Ministry of Transportation website.

For those drivers rushing to be somewhere, it would be a good idea to leave early or avoid school zones altogether because there is no getting around the speed factor in these areas and getting caught could end up being a very expensive affair. -CINEWS

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