Help govt in nation-building task: Music legend Anandji Shah

The country has achieved tremendous progress in the past 75 years, especially during the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but now is the time for all the people to unite and help the government in the massive “nation-building” task, says legendary music director Anandji V. Shah, of the famed National Award winner Kalyanji-Anandji duo.

He recalled how, many decades ago, the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had given a magic mantra for ‘Ekta’ (unity), which was accepted and followed by all the people to fight against the British rule.

“That mantra of Gandhiji is equally relevant today as the country marches ahead… Something similar is needed now… This time, we must show the same ‘Ekta’ to galvanize the crucial nation-building process,” said Anandji, 88, flanked by his wife Shanta Shah.

Acknowledging that the youth are the country’s bright future, he said the modern youngsters “are very knowledgable especially about their rights, duties and responsibilities, and their education levels are very high”.

“One change I wish to see is that the people who were born 75 years ago are now very Senior Citizens, they should be treated with respect in society by the new-generations and also by the officialdom,” Kalyanji said.

“The young men and women are the nation-builders of tomorrow… So, its our duty to support them in their endeavours… At the same time, all must consciously help the government in the gigantic challenge of taking India ahead into the 21st Century,” urged Anandji.

He cautioned that in order to achieve this, policies must remain stable and long-term instead of ‘frequent changes’, as it can create hurdles in the path of business from flourishing smoothly.

On this count, Kalyanji feels that Parliament, which is the Cradle of Democracy, should be accorded the dignity it deserves from those whom we choose (MPs) to represent our democratic rights.

“Peace and unity are essential for prosperity. But the question is: whether the prosperity should be at the individual level or the mass-level, for the whole country… This is what Gandhiji taught us and it remains very relevant even now,” said the adept baton-wielder, who along with his elder brother Kalyanji, created some of the most memorable music in India.

The sons of a Gujarati grocer who migrated to the then Bombay (now, Mumbai), Kalyanji-Anandji scored music for over 250 Bollywood films and won the National Award for their memorable numbers in the 1968 blockbuster, “Saraswatichandra”.

Of the hundreds of songs they composed, many have transcended generations of popularity, like: the festive “Govinda Aala Re” (Bluffmaster, 1963), sad “Yaha Main Ajnabee Hoon” (Jab Jab Phool Khile, 1965), patriotic “Mere Desh Ki Dharti” ((Upkaar, 1967), traditional “Main To Bhool Chali Babul Ka Des” (Saraswatichandra, 1968), divine “Ganga Maiya Mein Jab Tak” (Suhaag Raat, 1968), sensitive “Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhe” (Safar, 1970), romantic “Kya Khoob Lagti Ho” (Dharmatma, 1975), folkish “Khaike Paan Banaraswala” (Don, 1978), rocking “Laila O Laila” (Qurbani, 1980) or the raunchy “Mere Angane Mein, Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai” (Laawaris, 1981), and more.

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