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Here’s how Canadians can watch the Ring of Fire solar eclipse happening this Sunday

On Sunday, June 21, viewers in eastern Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, northern India and central China will be able to watch a captivatingĀ Annular Solar EclipseĀ pass through their sky. Although this eclipse is happening on the other side of the planet from us, Canadians still have a chance to watch.

On this side of the planet – in Canada and the rest of the western hemisphere – we can still see the event happening, even with the Earth blocking our direct view of it. If we stay up late on Saturday night, past midnight, we can tune in to the Slooh Community Observatory livestream.

“It’s a truly magical moment to witness the ‘Ring of Fire’ appear as the Moon is centered over the Sun’s disk. It’s a wonderful opportunity to watch celestial mechanics in action!” said Paul Cox, Slooh’s Chief Astronomical Officer.

Solar eclipses occur when the Sun, the New Moon and the Earth line up perfectly. With this perfect alignment, the Moon’s shadow sweeps across the surface of Earth. From the perspective of anyone standing on the ground directly under that shadow, it appears as though the Moon has completely blocked out the Sun, to produce a Total Solar Eclipse.


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