Here’s how swimming can benefit dogs

New Delhi, April 29 (IANSlife) Have you ever noticed the sheer joy on a dog’s face when they plunge into the pool and start paddling? Just splishin’ and splashin’ around and sometimes splashin’ some water on you too! Most dogs enjoy swimming especially in the summers, as it is cool and relaxing for them. Apart from being enjoyable, swimming is also a great exercise for your dog. The resistance of water makes dogs work their muscles harder than they would while walking on land.

However, every dog might not take a liking to water or be a natural swimmer, and all safety precautions must be taken before getting them wet. Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO, shares some reasons why your dog should take a dip in the pool this summer:

Supports joints and strengthens muscles

Swimming is an exercise that doesn’t put stress on your dog’s muscles and tendons. When your dog takes a plunge, the water takes on most of the dog’s weight that supports their body and relieves their skeletal system from the stress that usually occurs when walking on land. Apart from that, swimming also makes them move in an acrobatic movement and that helps in improving their range of motion.

It’s a stress buster

Just like all you need is a pool to cool down on a hot summer day, swimming can help your dog relax and cool down too. Unlike other activities that your dog is used to, while on a leash, with swimming, a dog is free to play, swim and splash around at their own will. Swimming can be great for your dog’s mental well-being as they utilize their energy in activities that are different than their usual routine.

It relieves pain

Warm water swimming is a great therapeutic exercise for dogs as warm water relieves pain by increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles. Swimming in warm water aids your dog’s recovery process by strengthening joints, increasing blood circulation and protecting the muscles.

Beneficial for obese dogs

Pet obesity has been a real concern for pet parents due to the extra indoor time and treats in the lockdown. Overweight dogs already have overly stressed joints and muscles. Since the water supports the dog’s weight, swimming can help them burn calories without the risk of an injury and improve their metabolic rate.

Promotes overall health

Did you know that just one minute of swimming equates to four minutes of running? Swimming strengthens your dog’s heart and lungs, increases metabolism, decreases inflammation, and improves circulation. Moving against the resistance of water requires dogs to use every muscle group hence improving their overall health and making them a happy and healthy dog. It also helps them stay cool on hot days.

Dogs with hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a hip deformity that can occur at any age. Dogs inflicted with hip dysplasia find that the buoyancy of the water helps lift them up and acts as hydrotherapy. The water does not put significant pressure on the hips and it gives a soothing effect on the joints, relieves pain and loosens tight ligaments.

Overall, swimming can do wonders for your dog’s overall mental and physical health!

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