Hijab issue has been politicised with eye on polls: BJP’s Jamal Siddiqui


Amid ongoing controversy over hijab, BJP minority morcha national president Jamal Siddiqui on Thursday said that the issue has been politicised with an eye on assembly polls.

Siddiqui told IANS that wearing fewer clothes is not part of Indian culture and women from all faiths cover their head in the country. “Irrespective of faith or religion, women in our country cover their head and wearing lesser cloth is not part of our culture. Culturally, we Indians prefer to wear more clothes than others. Wearing clothes is the personal choice of an individual and no one has the right to interfere in his or her choice. But the issue has been politicized for political benefit in the ongoing assembly polls,” Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui, however, also said that while wearing clothes of his or her choice, everyone must follow the uniform code of educational institutions. “Uniform in educational institutions bring a sense of equality and create a bonding among students irrespective of faith they follow. I personally believe one must wear a uniform without raising any question and they are free to wear whatever they like outside the campus,” he said.

“Why politicize hijab? Only for votes of a particular community? Political parties have avoided making it an issue at the time of election,” he added.

The hijab row, which started in January in Udupi Pre-University College in Karnataka after six girl students refused to remove hijab and were disallowed from entering the class. The row has snowballed into a major issue in the state and has hit international attention too.

The bench had asked the media not to publish passing remarks and arguments by the counsel until the final order is issued on the matter.

On February 23, the Karnataka High Court bench, hearing the hijab matter, made it clear that the students should wear uniforms prescribed by the schools and colleges until the final verdict in the case.

Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, who heads the three-judge bench, reiterated: “We are making it very clear that whether a degree or PU College, if uniform is prescribed, that has to be followed until the verdict.”



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