Himanshu Malhotra spurned OTT offers because of ‘bold content’


Actor Himanshu Malhotra, seen recently playing ‘Major Rajeev Kapoor’ in ‘Shershaah’, says he had to “let go” of some of the web series offered to him because of their “bold content”.

Bold scenes have become common on OTT, Malhotra said, adding that he would not do them even if the script demanded. “I am not comfortable doing such scenes,” he said. “I had to let go of a couple of series because of the intimate scenes I was expected to do. In future maybe my thinking will change and I will be okay with such scenes.”

As OTT is the much-talked-about platform, Malhotra continued, a lot of actors seem to be interested in it. “I disagree with the view that OTT actors are not stars. I am sure among young people they are really big stars because looking at Instagram fan followings, OTT seems to be helping. But we have different media such as TV, films and OTT. The nature of stardom varies from one medium to the other.”

Showbiz, the ‘Shershaah’ actor said, had exposed the viewers to abusive language, sex and drugs. Commenting on this trend, he said: “Cinema is a reflection of our society. If extra-marital affairs and drugs are becoming common in society, the trend is bound to show up in cinema. The line drawn by our parents and grandparents has already become blurred and it will fade away over a period of time.”