Hindu activists jump into K’taka temple entry/non-veg food row

The ruling BJP in Karnataka has continued its attack on Opposition leader Siddaramaiah for allegedly entering a temple in Kodagu after consuming non-vegetarian food. However, Hindu activists have slammed the saffron party, arguing that there is “nothing wrong” in it.

“There is nothing wrong in consuming non-veg and visiting temples. BJP leaders must discuss Veer Savarakar instead of raking up such issues,” Pramod Muthalik, founder of Sri Ram Sena, said on Monday.

“Large number of Hindus consume non-vegetarian food. The meat is offered as ‘Prasad’ to god. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not a matter of discussion,” he added.

BJP MP Pratap Simha said that he witnessed how Siddaramaiah ate chicken “before the inauguration of Dasara festival and offering floral tributes to Goddess Chamundeshwari” in 2017. “After this, Siddaramaiah did not get an opportunity to inaugurate the festival,” he added.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Basavanagouda Patil Yatnal challenged Siddaramaiah to enter a mosque after consuming something that has been prohibited in Islam. “We will know your real power then,” he said.

“For every temple, there is a certain tradition to be followed. At a few places, one can’t go after consuming non-veg. Even at a few places there is a tradition of removing vests, shirts before entering temples. Be it Siddaramaiah or any other person, one should not hurt religious feelings,” he asserted.

Similarly, B.Y. Vijayendra, BJP Vice President said that there is liberty for everyone to consume veg and non-veg food. “But, no one will agree to it if someone wants to visit a temple after consuming meat.”

“The state has a legacy of religion and also has a large number of devotees; thus those in top posts should be careful while giving public statements in this regard,” Vijayendra added.

The row erupted recently after Siddaramaiah visited Basavanna temple in Kodagu district allegedly after consuming meat. When he was asked about it, Siddaramaiah responded, saying “if god has asked devotees not to visit temple after eating meat.”




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